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Change is a constant. Over the last 100 years, we have attracted industry leaders and innovators, trusted decision makers and experienced circulators. As our industry transforms, so too does our focus. Now as a national association, ADMA helps blaze the path of transformation and accelerates success and results in audience development, print migration and data analytics and decisioning.

ADMA Officers

Who are the ADMA leaders? Over the years, they have been widely respected change agents, who have braved challenges and found collaborative ways to grow their individual news media companies and this industry. Officers and directors are committed to solving challenges and redefining success by creating a network of support and collaboration. ADMA welcomes your participation on the Board.


Dan Fabela


Currently serving as Director of Home Delivery and Acquisition at The Seattle Times, Dan Fabela has been in newsmedia for over 18 years. At ADMA, he is responsible to grow sponsorship revenue and leads a committee to engage with our business partners to help expand their business through partnering at the annual conference and other events during the year.Dan says, “ I enjoy the board and spreading the word on how great it is being a part of ADMA.”

The Seattle Times



Cherisse Johnson

Vice President

Cherisse Johnson has worked in the newspaper industry for 10 years and started attending ADMA conferences 6 years ago. Each conference I have been able to take a few jewels and bring back to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, where she is Director of Customer Service and Retention. Cherisse was named a rising star in E&P’s 30 under 30. She says, “Joining the board gives me the opportunity to give back to an organization that has helped me in my career.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal



June 2025 Conference

More details coming soon

The Conference provides each attendee with the opportunity to meet and exchange information with others in the industry, from newspaper organizations to business partners and expert guest speakers.


Jim Wall


Jim Wall has worked in all facets of Audience divisions since 1991, at McClatchy properties in Grand Forks, ND; Fort Wayne, IN; Anchorage, AK; Macon, GA; State College, PA and Boise, ID. His current position is as the Audience Budgeting Director for the thirty media companies in the McClatchy Company. He is former President of the Northwest International Circulation Executives (NICE), founding president  and immediate past president of GWAA, where he has also championed the Best of the Best industry awards.

The McClatchy Company



Maria Ravera

Immediate Past President

Maria Ravera serves as Sr. Director of Subscription Strategy for McClatchy, with more than 25 years of audience development experience. She led the transition for ADMA to become a national organization and has served on the board since 2017. Her vision is for ADMA to create a forum to provide valuable content and resources, build relationships among media companies and business partner solutions providers, which collectively help media companies develop a sustainable business model.  The McClatchy Company was instrumental in the founding of CWCMA, predecessor to GWAA and ADMA, over 100 years ago and the team continues to find value in the relationships, content, and events that ADMA presents today.

The McClatchy Company


2023-2024 Board Members

The Board of Directors has full management and control of the affairs of the Association.

Duties of Directors – A Director is an active member in good standing. In addition to serving on the Board, they shall work on committees to secure new members, gain new business partners, develop programming for webinars and the annual conference, and assist in conference planning and execution.


Bobby Binkley

Board Member

Bobby has been in Circulation Management for over 30 years and is currently Market Sales and Distribution Director for Gannett. Active in several circulation management associations, he feels GWAA/ADMA is the BEST.




Robert Rivera

Board Member

Robert Rivera is the Vice President of Circulation at Albuquerque Publishing Company and a speaker at ADMA’s most recent conference. His focus on implementing innovative ideas brings new topics to the discussion, including intelligent racks and real estate cost efficiencies. Says Robert, “I’m pleased to have left the conference with plenty of ideas and new connections. I’m honored to serve on the board and continue to be a part of this great organization.”

Albuquerque Journal


Nic Stevens

Nic Stevens

Board Member

With two decades of invaluable experience in the newspaper and broadcast industry, Nic Stevens’s expertise spans across Advertising, Distribution, Audience Development, Digital, and Editorial. 

Currently serving as the Acquisitions Manager for Sonoma Media Investments, LLC, her commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements is reflected in her appreciation for the tools provided by ADMA. She finds these resources instrumental in maintaining a competitive edge. 

Nic values the networking and idea-sharing opportunities ADMA presents, engaging with executives from diverse backgrounds to propel innovation within the industry.

Sonoma Media Investments, LLC


Jeff Ferrazzano

Business Partner Liaison

Jeff is the owner/president of The Ultimate Print Source. He is a longtime supporter of GWAA and CWCMA, providing solutions from printing to strategic ideas. TUPS provides an intergrated solution with 7 technologies strategically delivered to dive maximum exposure to support your direct mail campaign, including social match, mail tracking, online follow-up, social media follow-up and more. He has been the trusted business partner liaison since the CWCMA days.

The Ultimate Print Source



Carole L. Stein

Executive Director

Carole Stein joined the LA Times as a Single Copy Center Manager in 1998. She went on to become Director of Customer Service, Retention and Membership there, then became Sr. Director of Retention at DirecTV. Later, she launched into consulting on consumer marketing with the Press Democrat, San Francisco Chronicle, Advance Local, Frederick News Post, Bakersfield Californian, and others, as well as with other membership organizations like wineries and theatres. She joined ADMA part-time as executive director in 2019, and says,”I am always so impressed with the knowledge, grit and vision of the professionals in our association. It’s a thrill to be able to connect members, business partners and speakers in meaningful programs and a memorable conference experience.”




Your membership goes to support this nonprofit organization committed to continuing education and sharing of ideas. Members get preferred rates at events, the opportunity to network, learn revenue-generating strategies, and stay in the forefront of ongoing digital engagement. The Board of Directors look forward to your participation and support in advancing our audience development program.

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