GWADS Promotional Awards

2019 Award Winners
Social Media Marketing

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
1st Place

Facebook Instant Articles to drive digital subscriptions

City: Fort Worth, TX
Daily audited circulation size: 191,498
Sunday audited circulation size: 164,105


Leverage a recently launched beta program on Facebook Instant Articles to drive subscriptions.

Facebook is now allowing publishers to meter, paywall and drive subscriptions through their purchase flow system.


By bringing the meter and the paywall to Facebook Instant Articles, we are now able to intercept consumers as they page through the list of articles hosted on Facebook.

Our data suggests there are high numbers of potential customers in addition to paying subscribers currently leveraging FB to consume content.


Our campaign launched in early November of 2018 and has proven to be an excellent opportunity for leads, subscriptions and app installs.

Through end of P4 – we’ve generated…
– More than 130 subscriptions
– 3,000+ newsletter signs ups
– Paywall Hit Rate of 8%+
– Authenticated more than 1,000 subscribers thru FBIA

The team has leveraged targeted content marketing through the FB pixel for retargeting of audiences on our properties, driving traffic back to FBIA content, hit the paywall, and push starts.

The Columbian
2nd Place

Facebook & Instagram to drive print subscriptions

City: Vancouver, WA
Daily audited circulation size: 22,000
Sunday audited circulation size: 24,000


Gain new print subscriptions via social media campaign.


Facebook and Instagram ads promoting a $20/month print subscription. Required pre-payment. Offered maximum of 12 months.

Spent $200 on sponsored posts. Campaign ended with 42,000 impressions and 185 link clicks.


60 new print subscribers.

Skagit Valley Herald
3rd Place

Facebook ads for Carrier Recruitment

City: Mt. Vernon, WA
Daily audited circulation size: 10,009
Sunday audited circulation size: 10,086


To increase awareness about our need to recruit more independent contractors (carriers) to deliver the Skagit Valley Herald to a larger scale audience.


With unemployment rates at a low, our newspaper, much like other newspapers across the country have struggled to entice reliable men and women to become carriers of the Skagit Valley Herald. We opted to use Facebook as our communication channel to reach a wider, more diverse audience, while simultaneously being able to strategically target specific demographics. We ran our first Facebook boosted ad in December of 2018. The duration was two weeks and it cost us about $25. The response rate was promising enough to run a second ad, equipped with more knowledge about demographic targeting. We ran another boosted ad at the end of March. This ad was set to run for three weeks. We set the age demographic at 17-65 years old, both male and female. The distance was set at 20 miles from Mount Vernon, and Facebook ensured that 110,000 people would see the ad pop up on their news feed. Between the age and distance demographics, anywhere from 220-660 people were likely to see the ad on a daily basis. To run the ad for 21 days would at maximum cost $30.00 (around $1.42 per day), but if Facebook could not reach the number of people they estimated, we would only be charged at the end of the 21 days for the amount of people who actually did see the ad on their news feed.


After 21 days of running, the Facebook boosted ad reached 5,389 people. There were 444 engagements with the post, and our application submissions quadrupled. We increased the traffic to our carrier application web page, and were able to fill more of our open routes with reliable carriers. There were 172 reactions, comments and shares on the post, 101 "Like's" and 272 "post clicks" , 58 of which were click-through's to the carrier application page. It is a strategy we will continue to use in the future to recruit more newspaper carriers.


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