GWADS Best of Best

2020 Award Submissions
Print Growth

1st Place Winner

Idaho Statesman

City: Boise, ID
Daily audited circulation size: 29,985
Sunday audited circulation size: 51,065


Partner with our local Idaho Statesman Executive Editor, Christina Lords on a direct mail campaign targeting 0-36 month stopped former subscribers.


Christina Lords, was named our Executive Editor in February 2019 and had made significant content-related changes that needed to be shared with our former subscribers to entice them to come back to us and renew. Christina highlighted some key points on what a good reporter is meant to do…"bring light to some dark subjects", "bring truth to some dishonest dealings", "bring closure to victims that haven't gotten that before", and "educate others that have walked the same path for many in the future". Not to mention, give examples on how the Idaho Statesman is always producing journalism that makes a difference.

She highlighted new hires and the important topics they are covering throughout the community.

Overall, Christina was very anxious to reach out to our former readers and inspire them to come back and subscribe.


  • Targeted 17k former subscribers
  • Generated 144 orders
  • Response rate = 0.85%
  • CPO = $59

Joint partnership with the news team! Great collaboration.


2nd Place Winner

The Sacramento Bee

City: Sacramento, CA
Daily audited circulation size: 95,274
Sunday audited circulation size: 161,434


Entice our single copy buyer to take advantage of a great home delivery offer for only 58 cents a day.


Single copy zoning continues to be limited in most markets on most days, so we target Wednesday and Sunday as our key FSI insertion opportunity days.

We brought back an oldie but goodie FSI creative that we used many years ago to test our hunch that it would still work!

It's a simple "Red Tag" sale highlighting the cost of a home delivery subscription for only 58 cents a day and includes unlimited digital access + more! Neighborhood news, travel deals, sports coverage and coupon savings.


Offer was inserted into single copy on Wednesday and Sunday only for a total of 24 insertions.

  • Generated – 100 orders
  • Response rate = 0.04%
  • CPO = $45

'the oldie but goodie" still works

Sometimes it's worth going back to basics and dusting off what what worked in the past if it's cost effective!

3rd Place Winner

The Sacramento Bee

City: Sacramento, CA
Daily audited circulation size: 95,105
Sunday audited circulation size: 161,435


The objective was to market the wonderful additional content that our advertising and news teams created, leverage that to capture the attention of non-traditional single copy buyers and with this, drive additional single copy revenue. The objective was to generated $10,000 per day in incremental single copy revenue from these special editions ($50,000 across McClatchy.)

Outside of the day before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day, we had 5 special edition days in 2019. At the Sacramento Bee, we did a Special Edition on September 8, 2019 for the Senior Resource Directory in Sunday's paper. At the Kansas City Star, we did a special edition for the Football Preview / Chiefs season on August 25. At the Miami Herald we did a Football Preview / Dolphins section on September 1. At the Charlotte Observer, we did a Football Preview / Panthers section on September 1 and a Fall Arts Guide special edition on September 8.


The Sacramento Senior Resource Directory was an advertising special content glossy 60-page magazine, filled with articles, useful tips and resources, and listings of area senior services.

The marketing strategy included both print and digital marketing. In print, we did rack cards, bundle hangers and in paper ads. In digital marketing, we did multiple email sends, run-of-site online ads, and social media posts.

The distribution and pricing strategy was to include this in the Sunday paper AND increase the Sunday rate. In Sacramento (and Kansas City and Charlotte), we increased the Sunday rate from $4 to $4.99. In Miami, we went from $3 to $4.99.

We also implemented several operational and communication pieces in order to execute on this. We purchased special edition UPC codes that we set up ahead of time with the retailers and billing vendors. This also allows us to use these when needed in advance. We publish a special edition rate on A2 of each edition, along with our standard single copy pricing. And we worked with our publishing center to create a new masthead, complete with a gold "Special Edition" banner and a large promotion in the masthead. We also did letters to the stores in advance.


The results were impressive. In Sacramento, our net sales were up 659 copies or 4.45% to the prior 4 Sundays and generated an additional $15,299 in revenue that day.

Overall we exceeded our revenue target for these editions and generated an incremental $68,998 in revenue with these 5 editions.

The preparation for this campaign allowed us to transition into 2020 special editions leading up to the Super Bowl in Sacramento (SF49ers), Kansas City (Chiefs) and in Miami, where it was played.


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