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Oahu Publications, Inc.

City: Honolulu, HI
Daily audited circulation size: 221,000
Sunday audited circulation size: 168,000


To utilize the sides of old and inoperable box trucks to use as Advertiser Billboards.


We approached Beachside Roofing with an idea to increase their brand on the Leeward Side of Oahu.

We had two very large box trucks that were inoperable and unrepairable. We sold Beachside on the idea of placing these two trucks on the corners of our Production Facility in Kapolei. Our Center resides on Kapolei Parkway which is one of the busiest and heavily trafficked surface roads in the city.

Beachside agreed to pay for our trucks to be wrapped with their logos and messaging AND pay us $3,000.00 a month on a one year contract to have these trucks parked on this main thoroughfare.


The client is very happy with this branding and marketing play. He has relayed to us that it is working because he get numerous inquiries and comments from customers and contractors.

Most notably….1) I saw your trucks on Kapolei Parkway and/or 2) How did you get those huge signs up on the corner by the Star-Advertiser Production Center.

This was truly an initiative that makes $36,000 per annum out of our inoperable trucks!


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