Conference 2023

It’s all about revenue and engagement

June 20-22, 2023

“Unlike a lot of meetings, the conference was not about how we are dying. It was about how we are transforming and getting stronger.”

"I left the conference feeling equipped with new strategies for success."

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2023 Conference Program Guide

Keynote Speakers

Lon Kruger

Lon Kruger

College Basketball Hall of Fame Coach

Throughout his three-and-a-half decades as a Division I head coach, Kruger proved to be one of the most dependable coaches in college basketball. He was the first coach to take five different schools to the NCAA Tournament and is the only coach to win an NCAA Tournament game with five programs. He is also the only coach since the NCAA Tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985 to take four programs to the Sweet 16 or beyond.

More important than the success of his teams is the manner in which Kruger led them. Known
throughout the coaching circles as one of the kindest and most genuine leaders in the industry, Kruger built his career on the foundation of hard work, humility, integrity and service.

DJ Allen

D.J. Allen

Performance / Communication Coach

D.J. Allen has combined his love for business with his passion for sports. Allen is the founder of Xs & Os of Success – a leadership, organizational and professional development company which uses the platform of sports and its teachings to help individuals and teams maximize their potential in business and life. He serves as a performance & communication coach for business leaders, sports teams, coaches and athletes throughout the nation.

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