Great Western Audience Alliance (GWAA) Expands to North American Organization Audience Development Media Alliance (ADMA)

March 9, 2022 -- Great Western Audience Alliance, a longstanding news media trade organization with members at media companies in 12 Western states and 4 Canadian provinces, is excited to announce that membership is now open to Audience executives nationwide.  The motion to remove geographical restrictions was brought to the association’s voting members and was approved unanimously.

The new organization will be the Audience Development Media Alliance (ADMA).

Over the past two years, GWAA has invited leaders from around the country to lead numerous topical webinars. Last June, with in-person gatherings canceled, GWAA presented a three-day virtual conference on digital growth and engagement, transformational leadership, and operational excellence, with attendees from around the country.  These experiences have solidified that news media companies are “stronger together” and that all members benefit when we learn from each other.

Maria Ravera, President of GWAA and McClatchy executive, said, “Our goal with ADMA is to be the premier audience development media association, to gather leaders to share expertise and innovations, to further professional development and to provide a forum to discuss and address challenges.  The unanimous support for this expansion confirms the value we bring to our members and we look forward to serving our expanded membership in the years to come.”

ADMA will focus on creating opportunities for like-minded industry professionals to connect, to provide educational opportunities for its members to learn more about the expanding subscription economy and to equip its members with an increased capacity to drive positive change in their respective organizations.  The expansion also creates a new, more sustainable organization.

Immediate Past President of GWAA, Jim Wall stated, “As our industry has evolved to rise to the challenges of new media company business models, so too must our organization.  This expansion allows us to keep building on our combined learnings of over 100 years and build one strong audience development organization with a bright future moving forward.”

The board has begun to recruit a national and diverse board of directors, with a vote on the new slate to be held at ADMA’s annual conference June 22-24 in Las Vegas (formerly GWADS).


GWAA (now transitioning to ADMA) was the merger of the former Cal Western Circulation Managers Association (CWCMA) and the Northwest International Circulation Executives (NICE), serving members for over 100 years.   GWAA was known for providing high quality events, networking and resources for members; ADMA will provide the same.  Visit for more information.

Contact:  Carole Stein, Executive Director
(310) 985-5990


June 2025 Conference

More details coming soon

The Conference provides each attendee with the opportunity to meet and exchange information with others in the industry, from newspaper organizations to business partners and expert guest speakers.


Your membership goes to support this nonprofit organization committed to continuing education and sharing of ideas. Members get preferred rates at events, the opportunity to network, learn revenue-generating strategies, and stay in the forefront of ongoing digital engagement. The Board of Directors look forward to your participation and support in advancing our audience development program.

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