Audience Development Media Alliance (ADMA) Announces Merger with Mid Atlantic Circulation Managers Association (MACMA)

May 17, 2022, Venice, CA -- Audience Development Media Alliance, a longstanding news media trade organization with members at media companies nationwide, is pleased to announce a merger with the Mid Atlantic Circulation Managers Association. ADMA, formerly GWAA, announced its national expansion in March.

MACMA executives represent North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Its members will become members of ADMA and will gain a board seat. The board has recruited a national and diverse board of directors, with a vote on the new slate to be held at ADMA’s annual summit June 22-24 in Las Vegas (formerly GWADS).

Linda O’Neill, President of MACMA, said, "MACMA is excited to be merging with ADMA and wishes to thank all ADMA members. This is a new age of newspaper organizations; and I firmly believe that this merger will be a benefit to all."

Maria Ravera, President of ADMA and McClatchy executive, said, "We are pleased to be joining forces with MACMA. This merger drives sustainability, as together we keep building on our combined learnings of over 100 years and build one strong audience development organization to serve our members for years to come."

ADMA creates opportunities for like-minded industry professionals to connect, to provide educational opportunities for its members to learn more about the expanding subscription economy and to equip its members with an increased capacity to drive positive change in their respective organizations. In addition to webinars throughout the year, ADMA will present its annual conference at Planet Hollywood this year, with speakers on digital growth and engagement, transformational leadership, and operational excellence.


ADMA serves audience executives nationwide. It is known for providing high quality virtual and in-person events, networking and resources for members. Visit for more information.


For more information, please contact Carole Stein, Executive Director, Audience Development Media Alliance at or 310-985-5990.


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