Privacy Policy

ADMA Is a nonprofit organization. We provide educational opportunities and rely on Membership from Newspapers and Business Partners.

ADMA maintains a data base of our members and contacts. We share our MEMBER Data base with our members upon request. This includes Name, Organization, Address, E-mail and office phone numbers. We will not share cell numbers, unless it is listed as your primary phone number. Upon request of a paid member we will share our data base in a PDF or Excel format.


2024 Conference

June 18-20, 2024

The Conference provides each attendee with the opportunity to meet and exchange information with others in the industry, from newspaper organizations to business partners and expert guest speakers.


Your membership goes to support this nonprofit organization committed to continuing education and sharing of ideas. Members get preferred rates at events, the opportunity to network, learn revenue-generating strategies, and stay in the forefront of ongoing digital engagement. The Board of Directors look forward to your participation and support in advancing our audience development program.

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