Organizational Structure & Design – Open Forum

Esther Maina
Vice President of ADMA
Adams Publishing Group

Esther Maina is the Vice President of Circulation Marketing and Audience Development for Adams Publishing Group. She is responsible for leading the efforts to grow newspaper print and digital audiences using strategically-focused sales and marketing initiatives through all available audience development channels.  Her specialty and expertise is in creating effective marketing approaches by combining traditional marketing with all available new channels of customer interactions, such as print, digital, web, mobile, video, events, and social media.

Maina began her career in the circulation department in 1981 with Gannett and worked her way up the circulation ranks over the next 20 years. She took a hiatus from the newspaper business and worked for a small business as a sales and marketing manager and then formed her own successful executive search business which she ran for eight years. In 2014, she joined Adams Publishing in a dual role of events and circulation.  In 2017, she was promoted to her current role.

In her spare time she is a lost dog volunteer helping people in Northern Wisconsin locate their missing dogs. Oftentimes her efforts result in live trapping them as the only way to safely return them back to their family. She is in a key leadership volunteer role for Ruby’s Pantry, which is a faith-based food distribution organization hosted by volunteers from local churches and is headquartered in the Midwest.

Maria Ravera
President of ADMA
The McClatchy Company

Maria Ravera serves as Senior Director, Subscription Strategy and Digital Migration for McClatchy. She oversees Customer Care across McClatchy’s portfolio of 30 titles.

Maria began her career with The Sacramento Bee in 1995 and joined McClatchy in 2015. Maria is the President of the Audience Development Media Alliance (ADMA). She also represents the News / Media Alliance on the USPS’ Postmaster General’s Mailer’s Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) and is a member of USPS Periodical Advisory Group.

Maria earned her Global MBA degree from National University.

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Esther Maina (Adams Publishing Group), Maria Ravera (McClatchy)
How is your company structured for success? How do different departments interact? Esther and Maria will lead an open discussion on organizational structure, evolution, key learnings along the way and more. Please come ready to share and discuss.