How USPS Mail Delivery Works

Brad Hill
USPS – Exceptional Dispatch

Brad Hill is Chief Executive Officer at Interlink, a Michigan company that provides circulation and mailing software and services to U.S. newspapers. He also represents the National Newspaper Association on USPS’ Postmaster General’s Mailer’s Technical Advisory Committee, and is a member of USPS’ Periodical Advisory Group. In these roles, Brad supports newspapers in understanding, implementing and troubleshooting mail delivery, and collaborates with USPS to address key issues affecting our industry.

Marianne Houston
USPS – Exceptional Dispatch

Marianne Houston guides Gannett’s mailings and has seen a lot of change in the media and postal industries including her current position as National Postal Operations Manager.

Houston helps make things happen, coordinating interaction with the U.S. Postal Service for more than 200 daily publications, USA Today, Sports Weekly across Gannett plus many commercial, marketing mail and daily periodical mailings. She helps distribution markets and print sites work effectively with their local Post Office and works closely with Business Customer Gateway, Postal One & Enterprise Payment System as the BSA for all publications throughout the US.

In 2008 Houston won Gannett Publishers Award for Excellence, in 2009 was named Gannett’s Employee of the Year and in 2017 was awarded the Special Appreciation Award from Greater New Jersey PCC.

She represents the Mail Systems Management Association Board and represents MSMA on the Postmaster General’s Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC).

Marianne has earned her MCOM certification in 2016 and helped develop the PCC Membership tool kit in 2014.

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Brad Hill (Interlink) & The Nuts & Bolts of Exceptional Disptach - Marianne Houston (Gannett)
Download Presentation (How USPS Delivery Works)
Download Presentation (Nuts & Bolts of Dispatch)
As newspapers expand their use of mail to deliver print copies, the U.S. Postal Service is also making changes to how, and sometimes where, papers can be deposited for mailing. In this session, learn about the various options for mail entry, their different advantages, and how to work with the postal service to successfully implement them.

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